ISBN 9788184733891,Handbook of Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies

Handbook of Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies



PeePee Publishers and Distributors Pvt

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184733891

ISBN-10 8184733895

Paper Back

Edition 4th
Language (English)

Gynaecology & obstetrics

Revised and updated for its Fourth Edition, this practical, portable, and affordable handbook is designed for rapid reference in the office or emergency room. It focuses on diagnosis and treatment of common emergencies in female patients and features numerous treatment algorithms, bulleted lists, and tables, plus ample illustrations including ultrasound. Coverage addresses all emergent conditions and non-emergent problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases, that frequently present in emergency departments. This edition has been updated to address current challenges such as complications arising from medical and surgical abortion, medical and psychological problems arising from sexual assault and other gynecologic traumas, and emergent conditions due to chemical-biological warfare.
Table of Contents
1: Medical Emergencies in the Pregnant Patient
    Saju D. Joy and Stephen A. Contag
2: Acute Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy
    Kelly A. Best
3: Ectopic Pregnancy
    Mary E. Rausch, Andrew M. Kaunitz, and Kurt Barnhart
4: Trauma in Pregnancy
    Victor J. Hassid and Miren A. Schinco
5: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation During Pregnancy
    David Caro and Stephen Topp
6: Perimortem Cesarean Delivery
    Deborah S. Lyon
7: Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Preeclampsia/Eclampsia
    Luis Sanchez-Ramos
8: Bleeding in Pregnancy
    David C. Jones
9: Infections in Pregnancy
    C. David Adair, Shawn Stallings, and A. Ben Abdu
10: Pregnant Women and Chemical-Biological Warfare
      Shawn P. Stallings, Jason Joseph, Joseph H. Kipikasa, and C. David Adair
11: Mosquito Borne Illnesses: Western Nile Virus
      Carlos Torres, Allison H. Luper, and C. David Adair
12: Delivery in the Emergency Department
      Isaac Delke
13: Transport of the Pregnant Patient
      Pam Adams and C. David Adair
14: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection and Pregnancy: Labor and Delivery Management
      Isaac Delke
15: Postpartum Emergencies
      David C. Jones
16: Role of Imaging Modalities in Obstetric Emergencies
      Lama L. Tolaymat and Gwyn Grabner
17: Drug Therapy in Pregnancy
      Thanh T. Hogan, Kristina E. Ward, Andrea L. McKeever, William Renfro, and Linda Hastings
18: Complications of Medical and Surgical Abortion
      Rosanne L. Botha, Paula H. Bednarek, Andrew M. Kaunitz, and Alison B. Edelman
19: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
      Shireen Madani Sims
20: Vulvar and Vaginal Diseases
      Guy I. Benrubi
21: Menorrhagia and Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
      Deborah S. Lyon
22: Pelvic Mass
      Karl H.S. Smith
23: Torsion of Ovary
      Mehdi Parva and Charles J. Dunton
24: Oncologic Emergencies
      Sarah Adams and Stephen Rubin
25: Postoperative Complications and Postoperative Emergencies
      Brent E. Seibel
26: Emergency Evaluation and Treatment of the Sexual Assault Victim
      James L. Jones and Jay M. Whitworth
27: Gynecologic Traumas
      Tracey Maurer
28: Imaging in Gynecologic Emergencies
      Marcia E. Murakami and Joseph G. Cernigliaro
29: Urogynecologic Urgencies and Emergencies
      Bela I. Kudish and Cheryl B. Iglesia
30: Emergency Room Communication Issues: Dealing with Crisis
      Marghani M. Reever and Deborah S. Lyon.