ISBN 9780521683654,Handbook Of Pediatric Hiv Care

Handbook Of Pediatric Hiv Care



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780521683654

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Number of Pages 901 Pages
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HIV / AIDS: social aspects

This portable and practical handbook provides a concise guide to the essentials of pediatric HIV care in a form suitable for doctors in the busy hospital setting. During the past few years, many agents for the treatment and prophylaxis of HIV infection and the opportunistic infections that accompany HIV infection have been developed, and many new ways of monitoring HIV infection in children have been produced. These new therapies and approaches to management are complicated, but the long-term health of HIV-infected children depends on their correct application. This handbook presents the core information and guidelines necessary for effective management of infected children. Two other important themes are ways to minimise mother-to-infant transmission, and the challenges of looking after these children in resource-poor countries.




Part I. Scientific Basis of Pediatric HIV Care:

1. The scientific basis of pediatric HIV care Sherilyn Smith, Ann Melvin, Steven L. Zeichner, Elizabeth McFarland, Paul Palumbo and Grace Aldrovandi

2. The epidemiology of pediatric HIV disease/infection Mary Lou Lindegren

Part II. General Issues in the Care of Pediatric HIV Patients:

3. Diagnosis of HIV infection in children Paul Krogstad

4. Prevention of mother-to-child/vertical transmission of HIV Jennifer S. Read

5. Routine pediatric care Elaine Abrams, Rachel Y. Moon, Lisa-Gaye Robinson and Russell B. Van Dyke

6. Emergency evaluation and care James M. Callahan

7. Adherence to therapy in pediatric HIV disease or adherence to antiretroviral therapy in children and youth John Farley

8. Adolescents and HIV Sandra Cely, Ligia Peralta, Bret R. Rudy and Sandra Cely

9. Growth, nutrition and metabolism Caroline J. Chantry and Jack Moye Jr

10. Neurodevelopmental/neurobehavioral function and assessment of children and adolescents with HIV-1 infection Pamela L. Wolters

Part III. Antiretroviral Therapy:

11. Antiretroviral therapy Ross McKinney Jr

12. Antiretroviral drug interactions Thomas N. Kakuda, Courtney V. Fletcher

13. Metabolic complications of antiretroviral therapy in children Carol J. Worrell

14. Assessment and management of resistance to antiretroviral or HIV drug resistance Frank Maldarelli

15. Initiating and changing antiviral therapy Lynne M. Mofenson and Leslie K. Serchuck

16. Therapeutic drug monitoring in pediatric HIV infection Stephen C. Piscitelli

17. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for pediatric patients Peter L. Havens and Kenneth L. Dominguez

Part IV. Clinical Manifestations of HIV Infection in Children

18. Dermatological problems in HIV-infected children or cutaneous diseases Andrew Blauvelt

19. Neurologic problems Lucy Civitello

20. Ophthalmologic (Ophthalmic) problems in the HIV-infected child Howard F. Fine, Susan S. Lee and Michael R. Robinson

21. Oral health and dental problems in the HIV-infected child Jane C. Atkinson

22. Otitis media and sinusitis in patients with HIV infection Ellen R. Wald and Barry Dashefsky

23. Cardiac problems Gul H. Dadlani and Steven E. Lipshultz

24. Pulmonary problems Lauren V. Wood

25. Hematologic problems: diagnosis and management William C. Owen and Eric J. Werner

26. Gastrointestinal disorders of HIV disease Harland S. Winter and Jack Moye

27. Renal disease in or associated with pediatric HIV (or HIV-1) infection Somsak Tanawattanacharoen and Jeffrey B. Kopp

28. Endocrinologic problems or endocrine disorders Diana Dreimane and Mitchell E. Geffner

29. HIV-associated malignancies in children or neoplastic disease in pediatric HIV infection Richard F. Little

Part V. Infectious Problems in Pediatric HIV Disease:

30. Typical bacterial infections or serious infections caused by typical bacteria Shirley Jankelevich

31. Mycobacterium tuberculosis or tuberculosis Rohan Hazra

32. Atypical mycobacteria or disseminated mycobacterium avium complex infection Robert N. Husson

33. Fungal infections in HIV-infected children Corina E. Gonzalez

34. Herpesvirus infections Richard M. Rutstein and Stuart E. Starr

35. Pneumocystis carinii (PCP) Leslie K. Serchuck

Part VI. Medical Social and Legal Issues:

36. Medical issues related to the care for HIV-infected children in the home, day care, school and community Stephen J. Chanock

37. Contact with social service agencies in pediatric HIV care delivery Sandra Y. Lewis and Heidi J. Haiken

38. Psychosocial factors associated with childhood bereavement and grief Lori S. Wiener

39. Legal issues for HIV-infected children Carolyn McAllaster

Appendices: Formulary/drug ready reference Paul Jarosinki

NIH-sponsored clinical trials for pediatric HIV disease James McNamara

Online resources Leslie K. Serchuck

Legal appendix Carolyn McAllaster