ISBN 9788124205341,Handbook of Vacuum Arc Science & Technology

Handbook of Vacuum Arc Science & Technology


R. Boxman



Crest Publishing House

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788124205341

ISBN-10 8124205345


Number of Pages 450 Pages
Language (English)

Automotive technology

Vacuum Arc Science and technology is a comprehensive text describing the basic physics and technolgoical applications of vacuum arcs. It represents the first major update on both the physics of the cathodic arc and the technology and applications of arc devices.

Part I describes basic physics of the vacuum arc, beginning with a brief tutorial review of plasma and electrical discharge physics, then describes the are ignition process, then describes the are ignition process, cathode and anode spots which serve as the locus for plasma generation, and restaurant interelectrode plasma.

Part II describes the applications of the vacuum arc for depositiong thin films and coatings, refining metals, switching high power, and as sources of intense electron, ion, plasma and x-ray beams.

Also discussed for the first time are some of the unique developments in arc technology that have taken place in the previous Soviet Union. Emphasis has also been placed on the properties of thin films deposited by arc evaportation, applications for such coatings, and emerging opportunities for arc technology.

This book will be of great value of research workers in the field, the students rquriing background information on this emerging technology, the industrial workers presently using arc evaportaiton and or complementary deposition techniques or considering it use. The book represents the state of the art of arc science and technology as presented by leading expert scientists working in theoretical and experimental areas.

About the Author
Raymond L Boxman is a Professor of Electrical and Electronics engineering at Tel Aviv University, Isral, and is the Managing Director of Arc Technolgoies Ltd. He formerly worked on vacuum switchgear R & D at the General Electric Company in Philadelphia, PA. His current interests include phenomena in the vacuum arc anode and plasm, as well as development of vacuum arc deposition coatings and techniques. He is also a Fellow of IEEE.

Philip J Martin is the Group Leader of the Surface Engineering Project at CSIRO, Division of Applied Physics, Australia. He is engaged in research and development of ion assisted thin film deposition including filetered arc technology.

David M Sanders is the Group Leader for Vacumm Processes at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California. He is interested in arc source development, vacuum coating technology, and information technology