ISBN 9780670086542,Hang Woman : Everyone Loves a Good Hanging

Hang Woman : Everyone Loves a Good Hanging



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780670086542

ISBN-10 0670086541


Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)


The Grddha Mullick family takes pride in the ancient lineage they trace from four hundred years before Christ. They burst with marvellous tales of hangmen and hangings in which the Grddha Mullicks figure as eyewitnesses to the momentous events that have shaped the history of the subcontinent.

In the present day, the youngest member of the family, twenty-two-year-old Chetna, is appointed the first woman executioner in India, assistant and successor to her father Phanibhushan. Thrust suddenly into the public eye, even starring in her own reality show, Chetnas life explodes under the harsh lights of television cameras. As the day of her first execution approaches, she breaks out of the shadow of a domineering father and the thrall of a brutally manipulative lover and transforms into a charismatic performer in her own right.

Meeras spectacular imagination turns the story of Chetnas life into an epic and perverse coming-of-age tale. Will the ardent young woman be able to escape the love that binds her? Will she bring herself to take a life? Will she add lustre to the illustrious name of Grddha Mullick? Or will she succumb to the dazzle of celebrity and the thrill of power over life and death? The lurid pleasures of voyeurism and the punishing ironies of violence are kept in agile balance as the drama hurtles to its inevitable climax.