ISBN 9789380828367,Hangover of Fun

Hangover of Fun


Agniwesh Garg


Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380828367

ISBN-10 9380828365


Number of Pages 127 Pages
Language (English)


for time to pass quickly so that they can stop learning and start earning. All the friendship, fun, and exciting experiences are taken for granted. Once they graduate and the next phase of life starts, the memories of their college days become glorious. Every aspect of those few years might seem magical, and they long to go back in time and relive their experiences. This book evokes such feelings in the reader. The scary sessions of ragging on first entering college, the heady feeling of freedom compared to the relative regimen of school days, discovering a new environment and becoming a part of it - all these start off the experience. Then comes the tedious process of acquiring knowledge, the lectures that have to be endured, the hectic preparation sessions for the exams, and the placement season. In between, the memorable and fun aspects - forging new friendships, chatting and sleeping as a group at the last bench, cutting classes, wild parties, a few scattered romances, the bonding between friends - are what really evoke the feeling of nostalgia. The author brings out all these aspects in a cheeky and hilarious style, and for this reason, the book is fun to read. At the end of it all, the message of this book is simple - whatever the odds, there is always a reason to smile and carry on to face the challenges of another day. About Agniwesh Garg Agniwesh Garg is a software engineer who works with Hewlett Packard Global Soft Solutions in Bangalore. He is a graduate of the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Hangover Of Fun is Agniwesh Garg's debut novel.

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