ISBN 9780070703674,Happiness At Work : Be Resilient, Motivated And Successful - No Matter What

Happiness At Work : Be Resilient, Motivated And Successful - No Matter What



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070703674

ISBN-10 0070703671


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Happiness At Work: Be Resilient, Motivated And Successful - No Matter What is based on the author's course at Columbia University Business School. The book deals with personal development as much as with success in career, and it argues that the two are in fact closely interrelated. The course as well as the book essentially talks about how we can create joy even when things may not be going well in our lives. The book brings home the point that many of the upheavals in life are beyond our control, but the way we react to these unpleasant changes is still in our hands. The book argues that in spite of the bad things that happen in our lives, we can still be successful if we chose to. It also reveals to readers the vital wisdom that they require in order to achieve joy and success in their lives through a stronger inner self and a greater resilient force. Happiness At Work: Be Resilient, Motivated And Successful - No Matter What shows readers that their unhappiness is not a result of the negative things that might be happening in their lives, rather it is caused by how they perceive those negative things. While the ideas presented in the book show a strong Buddhist influence, the book in itself is presented in a simple and straightforward way to which anyone can relate to, especially in the context of the current global economic crises. Happiness At Work: Be Resilient, Motivated And Successful - No Matter What is altogether a thought provoking book that channels the mind away from negativity and forces the readers to see things neutrally instead of generalizing them as bad. The book features concise and interesting chapters of two to three pages along with thought provoking exercises. About Srikumar S. Rao Srikumar S. Rao is an author, professor and inspirational speaker. His other published titles include Are You Ready To Succeed?, Unconventional Strategies To Achieving Personal Mastery In Business And Life, and The Happiness Matrix: Creativity & Personal Mastery. Rao was born in 1951 in Mumbai. He completed his schooling from the Ramakrishna Mission School in Narendrapur in West Bengal. He completed his undergraduate degree with a physics major at St. Stephen's College in Delhi. Rao also completed his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He later went to the US for his doctoral studies and earned a Ph.D in Marketing from Columbia Business School. He is currently an adjunct professor as Haas School of Business at the University of California, and also at London Business School. Rao and his wife, Meena Rao, have two children, Gowri and Gautam. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1. What You Need is a Paradigm Shift 2. Don't Stick a Label on It! 3. Why Positive Thinking is Bad For You 4. Be a Daruma Doll 5. Let It Go-Babies Do 6. Think Your Problem is Managing Time? It's Not 7. What do you really do (part 1)? 8. What do you really do (part 2)? 9. What do you notice? 10. Why affirmations can actually hurt you and what to do about it 11. Not a trivial question 12. Are you really happy? I suspect not 13. Happiness is your birthright-grab it now! 14. Invest in the process, not the outcome 15. On wild horses and freedom 15. Taming the horses-'tain't easy but it can be done 17. The Bard had it right! 18. The scientist who cheated. You cheat too! 19. A hugely important question: who am I? 20. Another hugely important question 21. There is no mechanisms! 22. How big is your pile? 23. Where are they now? 24. It's your model-not reality!! 25. Quiet the tumultuous horde! 26. The question itself is irrelevant! 27. It's not fair! 28. The root of all your problems 29. Is anything for real? 30. Standing on slippery rocks 31. What counts is what's inside you 32. What to do when fear strikes 33. Beware the stories you tell and the company you keep! 34. A new model of the world 35. Where does your journey take you?