ISBN 9780099525226,Happy Home For Broken Hearts

Happy Home For Broken Hearts


Rowan Coleman


Arrow Books



Arrow Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780099525226

ISBN-10 0099525224


Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)


Ellie Woods spends her days immersed in the escapist pages of the romantic novels she lovingly edits. But Ellie?s reality is somewhat less rose-tinted. Once upon a time, Ellie had her ?happily ever after? moment when she married her beloved Nick, but fifteen years later her husband?s tragic death leaves her alone with their soon-to-become-a-teenager son, faced with a mountain of debt, and on the verge of losing the family home.nnOn the brink of bankruptcy, Ellie finally succumbs to her sister?s well-meant bullying and decides to rent out some rooms. And all too soon the indomitable Allegra with her love for all things lavender, Sabine on secondment from Berlin and estranged from her two-timing husband, and unreconstructed lads? mag aficionado Matt enter their ordered but fragile existence ? each with their own messy life in tow. And Ellie finds herself forced to step out of the pages of the romantic novels she hides behind, and learn to live ? and love ? again. nnMaybe a new chapter is about to begin for them all? About the Author Rowan Coleman worked in bookselling and then publishing for seven years during which time she wrote her first novel, Growing Up Twice, published in 2002. She left to write her second novel, After Ever After and now lives in Hertfordshire with her son and daughter. The Happy Home for Broken Hearts is her eighth novel.