ISBN 9781422128701,Harvard Business Review On Developing High-Potential Leaders

Harvard Business Review On Developing High-Potential Leaders



Harvard Business Review Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781422128701

ISBN-10 1422128709


Number of Pages 203 Pages
Language (English)


Many companies do not provide their managers with adequate development programs, failing to recognize how often new managers can become overwhelmed. How can you prevent your most promising employees from being derailed? Should you schedule more coaching or training - or is it simply too soon to promote an employee to the next level? In a world of intensifying talent wars, companies that can develop high-potential leaders throughout their ranks stand the best chance of consistently trouncing rivals. As a manager, you play a crucial role in cultivating leadership skills in your own teams. This collection of HBR articles provides a range of advice on the best ways for companies to keep their next generation of leaders on the right track.