ISBN 9781422187876,HBR Classics Collection 1

HBR Classics Collection 1



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781422187876

ISBN-10 142218787X

Paper Back

Number of Pages 570 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Since 1922, Harvard Business Review has been a foremost source of innovative ideas in management practice. HBR Classics Collection I (Set of 9 Books) now offers you the opportunity to make these ground-breaking pieces a part of your permanent management library. Each volume contains a cutting-edge idea that continues to shape best practices and motivate managers across the world. The series includes:

1. Managing Your Boss - John J. Gabarro, John P. Kotter
2. Marketing Myopia - Theodore Levitt
3. Control in an Age of Empowerment - Andy Law, Diane L. Coutu
4. How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead - Ralph Stayer
5. Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy - Adam Brandenburger, Barry J. Nalebuff
6. Do You Want to Keep Your Customers Forever? - B. Joseph Pine II, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers
7. Skills of an Effective Administrator - Robert L. Katz
8. How to Run a Meeting - James P. Ware
9. Power is The Great Motivator - David C. McClelland, David H. Burnham.