ISBN 9780070706644,Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070706644

ISBN-10 0070706646


Number of Pages 552 Pages
Language (English)


This comprehensive text covers all of the major aspects of Healthcare Management and is written by experts in the field. The book is structured into three main sections, bracketed by an introductory chapter setting the policy context and offering an overview/map of what follows; a concluding chapter draws together the key themes and offers a view about the future development and trends in healthcare management. The health policy and practice context for healthcare management The specific challenges of managing healthcare organizations Key managerial techniques and methods that managers need to be able to use effectively in their practice Chapters include self-test exercises, summary boxes, further reading and a list of web-based resources. This book is key reading for researchers, managers and healthcare policy makers with a genuine interest in the links between the theory and practice of healthcare management and how best practice might be achieved within healthcare system TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: The current and future challenges of healthcare management Part One: Setting The Context The politics of healthcare, and the health policy process: Implications for healthcare management Financing healthcare: Funding systems and healthcare costs Healthcare systems: An overview of health service provision and service delivery Managing healthcare technologies and innovation Health and wellbeing: The wider context for healthcare management Part Two: Managing Healthcare Organisations Managing in primary care Managing in acute care Managing in mental health Service and capital development Healthcare system strategy and planning Healthcare commissioning and contracting Information technology and information systems: So beguiling, so difficult Human resource management in healthcare Working with clinicians/healthcare professionals Governance and the work of health service boards Managing in partnership with other agencies Performance measurement and improvement Part Three: Management Theories, Models and Techniques Inspiration and perspiration: Leadership and its development in healthcare Organisational development and organisational design Personal effectiveness Project management and managing change Managing resources Managing people: the dynamic of teamwork User perspectives and user involvement Quality improvement in healthcare Diversity, equality and opportunity Research, evaluation and evidence based management Conclusions: Creativity, Complexity and Change in Healthcare Index

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