ISBN 9788180460661,Here To Elernity

Here To Elernity


Alchemy Publishers



Alchemy Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788180460661

ISBN-10 8180460665


Number of Pages 108 Pages
Language (English)

Travel writing

Here to Eternity depicts a fascinating pictorial journey from samsara (day to day world) to nirvana (salvation), a journey that has fascinated scholars and writers, rationalists and spiritualists alike across the centuries. And perhaps nowhere else this journey comes to life more vividly and colourfully than at the Kumbh and the Gangasagar congregation. Barun Datta's camera lingers lovingly on the teeming multitude at Kumbh Mela and Gangasagar Mela to offer us a visual insight of man's relentless quest from the mundane to the spiritual. Datta's camera moves animatedly and the quest for an inner life breathes in frame after frame leaving all of us in a state of awe. About the Author Born on 17 December,1964 at Chinsura in West Bengal, Barun Datta is an avid trekker which prompted this peripatetic traveller to take up the camera for capturing breathtaking pictures of the mountain landscape. However, the diploma in photography (1996) from Kolkata-based Chhayapath brought about a new perception to his way of seeing. Inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson and Raghubir Singh, simple and unassuming Datta went on relentlessly from place to place to artistically capture life in a state of flux. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about photography will assert that the photographs of this employee of Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, transcend the time and the place creating a text of the gamut of human emotions from joy to despair.

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