ISBN 9788179925669,Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga

Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga


Del Pe



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788179925669

ISBN-10 8179925668


Number of Pages 460 Pages
Language (English)


Most of the millions of people practicing meditation or yoga put themselves at risk everyday by not knowing the dangers of meditation. In this unique book, Del Pe reveals secrets about the dangers of meditation not available in any other book, audio or video programs about meditation or yoga. Full of safe and practical meditations, this book will teach you how to meditate safely and effectively and "play with your sacred fires" without getting burned by applying the science and art of meditation. -- Learn how to awaken the 3 anchor points of your Soul in your body safely during meditation -- Discover that you have 12 chakras, not 7, and what it means for your meditation -- Know what types of meditation are harmful for pregnant women, young children and those with hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma, AIDS and cancer -- How and why you can be fried by combining meditation and yoga techniques incorrectly -- Know when your child is too young to do meditation or yoga -- Understand how smokers, alcoholics and drug users can be helped or harmed by meditation and yoga -- How to create the right meditation space for your best meditation experience -- Why you can't achieve spiritual growth or enlightenment without activating your kundalini and sacred fires, and how to do it safely -- 3 simple methods anyone can use to achieve samadhi, the ultimate meditation experience