ISBN 9780875843360,High Flyers Developing the Next Generation

High Flyers Developing the Next Generation





Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780875843360

ISBN-10 0875843360


Number of Pages 254 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

How do you develop the people who will one day lead your company?
This book challenges conventional wisdom about how to groom executives for the top positions in your firm. It presents a strategic framework for identifying and developing future executives that senior managers can use to find the "hidden" talents in their midst. The key is to look for the people with the capabilities to run the business tomorrow--not today.

McCall demonstrates that the best executives aren't necessarily managers who possess a previously identified, generic list of traits or who have risen to the top through survival of the fittest. Rather, the real leaders of the future are those who have the ability to learn from their experiences and remain open to continuous learning. If these people get the right experiences on the job, they will have the ultimate opportunity to learn new executive skills--and it's the responsibility of the firm's current leadership, especially line management, to make that happen.

Full of vivid real-life examples, High Flyers explains how senior managers can create an environment that supports the development of talent and link the firm's business strategy with the kinds of experiences people need if they are to lead a company in fulfilling its mission. The book also shows how individuals can take charge of their own development and avoid common pitfalls that lead to falling off the executive track.

This revealing guide is for everyone in the organization who has responsibility for developing people--as well as for aspiring managers who want to learn what it takes to become truly effective leaders. For companies, High Flyers demonstrates the power of executive development as a competitive advantage and the way to ensure the best leadership for the future