ISBN 9788170948322,High Profit Trading Patterns

High Profit Trading Patterns


Kora Reddy


Vision Books



Vision Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788170948322

ISBN-10 8170948320


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


10-Year Mega Research Reveals Proven High Probability Trading Patterns! Based on a rigorous 10-year research, and testing of thousands of trading rules, this path-breaking book High Profit Trading Patterns reveals hundreds of high profit short-term trading patterns, many with a winning record as high as 70% to 80%. While the author has used Nifty in uncovering these high probability patterns because Nifty is a large and liquid trading contract, traders can benefit by testing these patterns in any financial market they trade stock markets, commodities, currencies, etc. Very little research has so far been done on the behaviour of the Indian markets. Path-breaking and original, this book reveals for the first time how you can hugely improve your trading performance with the help of meticulously tested and proven high profit price patterns. You can pick and choose from the large array of high probability patterns presented in this book. You can also use the book as your trading reference guide to compare ongoing market action with the market's past winning behaviour to maximize profitable trades while weeding out the losing ones. High Profit Trading Patterns Revealed: Open-to-close patterns. Day of the week price patterns. New high / New low patterns. Gap trading patterns and secrets Range expansion and contraction patterns Inside day patterns Doji trading patterns Pivot point patterns and trading secrets Tri and penta section patterns. Equally, this book offers you a framework to test and develop your own trading ideas for any financial market you wish to trade. This pioneering book, thus, arms you with power to trade with the odds stacked greatly in your favour.