ISBN 9789351770039,Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words


Lisa Rogak






Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351770039

ISBN-10 9351770036


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Biographies & Autobiographies

High-powered lawyer, two-term first lady, acclaimed senator, outstanding secretary of state and 2008 presidential hopeful. Hillary Rodham Clinton has held several important positions in American public life. The respect she commands is rare for a politician. She has made the Gallup list of most admired woman a record seventeen times. Down the years, the world has watched her get knocked down over and over, only to pick herself right up again, stronger than ever. Should she run for president again in 2016, everyone agrees Clinton would go into the White House better prepared than anybody in a long time. She has proven that she has the stamina for the job-in her tenure as secretary of state, she traveled to 112 countries, clocking close to a million miles. Even her most dogged detractors concede it would be difficult to run against the person gunning to be Americas first woman president. This is the definitive collection of Hillary Rodham Clintons views on a wide variety of topics, ranging from womens welfare to parenting, from international diplomacy to the rough-and-tumble of domestic politics. Within these covers are more than 300 quotations that will inspire and motivate-a window into the mind of one of the worlds most formidable women.
About the Author
Lisa Rogak is the New York times bestselling author of more than forty books on a variety of subjects, from popular culture to dogs. She has also written a number of biographies, including those of Stephen King, Shel Silverstein, Dan Brown, Dr. Robert Atkins, Stephen Colbert and others. Through the years, in addition to writing books, she has started a greeting-card company for cats and dogs, bought and sold vintage funeral equipment and served as a ghostwriter. She also plays the piano, upright bass and viola with a variety of ensembles. She lives in New Hampshire.