ISBN 9788188951802,Hindi Mein Bolo

Hindi Mein Bolo


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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788188951802

ISBN-10 8188951803


Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (Hindi)


Hindi is a link language of India. It's the national language of India. You go to any part of India you will survive with this beautiful language called Hindi-Devon ki Bhasha (the language of the Gods). The Constitution of Hindi doesn't change, (it's the way we speak it, the same way it's written). Hindi is pronounced as it's written hence what you see is what you get. As Hindi language has accepted words from other languages it has become very rich. People of India without knowing whether this word is from Sanskrit or Perso-Arabic, they speak and form the Hindustani conversation. Some times it becomes difficult to separate the words for e.g many people say ?Guru? for a teacher and even in a remote area people say ustaad, also for a teacher while some say Shikshak or Adhyapak.

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