ISBN 9788185616575,Hindu Intercaste Marriage in India: Ancient and Modern

Hindu Intercaste Marriage in India: Ancient and Modern



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788185616575

ISBN-10 8185616574

Hard Back

Number of Pages 183 Pages
Language (English)


The Marriage Institutionsw are as old as human race itself. In passage of time the advent of religious influence on the society although had impact on the system and the traditions of marriages. They continued without any change in the concept of its spirit.
The author has attempted to draw an outline of the history of Hindu Intercaste Marriage in India,ancient as well as modern. First the author has discussed marriage and its general principles,various forms,polygamy,polyandry and rules of restriction about gotras and pravaras and also intercaste-marriage in early Vedic period.
In the second part the author has tried to trace the history of intercaste marriage and also interracial mixture in ancient India and the gradual evolution of the Hindu society.
The last part contans a detailed discussion of intercaste mariage in modern Indiaalong with reform-movement in social sphere and also with legislation in modern India. The book ends with views of different scholars and writers of modern India on intercaste marriage