ISBN 9789381239483,Hinduism And Buddhism - An outsideers View on Religions of India

Hinduism And Buddhism - An outsideers View on Religions of India


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381239483

ISBN-10 9381239487


Number of Pages 239 Pages
Language (English)


Astrid Rosenschon traces the roots of the two religion and how it has impacted and shaped Indian society. She has visited numerous countries in the world. India has fascinated and puzzled her because in no other country is religion so omnipresent. It has laid its stamp on all areas of an Individuals life. India should be included in the Guinness Book of World Records since India has to it's credit many pioneering achievements in science and philosophy. It is also the birthplace of many religion including two world religion - Hinduism and Buddhism. The openness of Hinduism and it's world views are remarkable. Deep religious faith has also given rise to architectural masterpieces. At the same time, widespread caste system and discrimination against the female gender, which has its roots in religion, is a break par excellence, impeding social and economic development in India. The author presents at first Hinduism, the criticism of Buddhism and ancient Indian beliefs. Subsequently, she explains where the strengths and weaknesses of Hinduism lie, in the light of modern knowledge. For India is a country that is increasingly getting international attention.