ISBN 9780552779753,Hippy Dinners: A memoir of a rural childhood

Hippy Dinners: A memoir of a rural childhood


Abbie Ross


Black Swan



Black Swan

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9780552779753

ISBN-10 055277975X


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


In 1972 Abbie Rosss cosmopolitan parents move the family from London to rural North Wales, exchanging a town house in Islington for a remote farmhouse on a hill.
Abbies Liverpudlian grandparents - dedicated followers of Liberace, sleek in scented mohair and patent leather - are sure theyve lost their minds. For Abbie, though, the only cloud on the horizon is the nearby hippy commune and its inhabitants. There are worrying signs that this is the sort of better life that her parents have in mind.
Brilliantly evoking a particular time and place, Abbies memoir re-creates a world of dens and pineapple chunks, of John Cravens Newsround and fishing for sticklebacks - and the joy but also the burning powerlessness of being a child. Disgusted by her fathers yogic flying and her mothers taste for brown bread and billowing cheesecloth (with no bra), Abbie is desperate not to be different. Far better, she thinks, to fit in with shouting, pathologically nosy Sara across the fields,or stay close to Philip next door - paralysingly shy and with a preference for orange food and no trousers (nice to have a bit of air)
Rich with detail that reveals a whole world, Hippy Dinners is very funny and full of heart. It is also a delicate and astute portrait of the brutal realities of a simple life..
About the Author: Abbie Ross
Abbie Ross moved from London to North Wales aged two and lived there until her family moved to West Gloucestershire when she was twelve. She has a Psychology degree from Cardiff University and worked for Aardman Animations as a senior commercial producer. She lives in Bristol with her husband and children and is working on a novel...