ISBN 9788179304914,Historical Atlas Of India

Historical Atlas Of India



Spectrum Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788179304914

ISBN-10 8179304914


Number of Pages 153 Pages
Language (English)


The atlas has more than 30 maps pertaining to the various periods in Indian History and the places of historical importance. Each map on the eras and dynasties of Indian History is accompanied by a brief write-up acquainting the readers, or refreshing their memories, with historical details. As for the maps on historical places, they are arranged in alphabetical order by the place names so that readers are able to find the places easily. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION ONE Historical Review of India in Maps Prehistoric Cultures in India The Indus Civilisation The Vedic Age State Formation, Urbanisation and Religious Movements of the Sixth to Fourth Centuries BC The Mauryan Empire Post-Mauryan Period Kingdoms in North-West Regions of India Ancient Trade Routes Between India and the West The Gupta Age Post-Gupta Age Indianisation of South-East Asia Kingdoms of Early Medieval India (c. 750-1200 AD) The Chola Kingdom in Early Middle Ages The Delhi Sultanate Provincial Dynasties in the Post-Sultanate Period The Mughal Empire The Mughal Empire in Late 17th Century The Maratha Empire India in 1765 India in the Period 1797-1805 India in 1858 India in the Early 20th Century India in 1947 (Before Independence) Reorganisation of States and Union Territories Since Independence: India in 1955 SECTION TWO Places of Historical Interest India Political 2004 India Rivers Maps- Alphabatically