ISBN 9788170946021,Historical Dictionary of Nepal

Historical Dictionary of Nepal


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ISBN 9788170946021

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In the popular imagination of rest of the world, Nepal is a marvelous vista, rising impressively from the northern Gangetic plain just a notch above sea level, to the majestic heights of snowcapped Himalayas. No less fascinating than its geographical diversity, but less visible to outsiders, is its long history, its complex sociocultural composition, and its tortuous political development. Still tightly chained to its past, Nepal has been staggering with difficulty along the path of modernization for more than four decades. In recent years, this tiny nation of some 21 million has seen the dawn of democracy which, however, recurrently gets mired in the undercurrent of feudal politics. The Historical Dictionary of Nepal offers a concise account of Nepal's history and political evolution, focusing on the period since the rise of Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1743, and especially on the developments of the past fifty years. In an easy-to-refer A-to-Z format, the dictionary's packed coverage spans Nepal's history, politics, economy, society, its rich cultural and religious traditions, and the country's important people in a straightforward and balanced manner. The rich mine of information is placed in context by an over-arching introduction by the authors as well as a detailed chronology. An extensive bibliography offers plenty of guidance for those seeking more information on different aspects of Nepal. This book is a compact but highly informative ready-reference resource for scholars and students, political scientists and political commentators, journalists, diplomats and regional analysts, and the enquiring travelers to the region offering them a solid background and perspective for a better understanding of this turbulent company framed by a picture postcard landscape.