ISBN 9789351280392,Historical Gold Coins of Mughals[Pod]

Historical Gold Coins of Mughals[Pod]



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351280392

ISBN-10 935128039X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 94 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

Historical Gold Coins of Mughalswere minted in the 16th century. Had these coins not been listed for auction in Switzerland, everybody would have been totally in dark about the facts of the history and about the glorious heritage of our culture? Despite failure of our Ambassador on the face of non-cooperation of the Swiss Government had, the Indian government had not filed a First Information Report with the Interpol through the CBI the story about these precious coins would have never seen the light. Ironically, the Andhra Government did not give permission to the CBI to investigate the case and later the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau(CEIB) was assigned to conduct the probe, that are still remains in conclusive. S.P. Singh was born on1st July 1941 in a small village called Arki in Banda District (Now Chitrakoot). He joined the Indian Navy at the tender age of sixteen and took active part in GOA operations in December 1961. After being commissioned in the Army, served in the committed formations in NEFA (now Arunachal Pradesh)and Jammu and Kashmir. He switched over to the Indian Revenue since 1971. It is indeed creditable that he did his graduation and post-graduation from Sagar University while still in the active service in the Army. The author has the following published works to his credit:(i) CHITRAKOOT (Collection of Hindi Poems),(ii) LAKSHMAN REKHA (A Khand Kavya in Hindi Poetry),(iii) Sapna Doopheri ka (A Khand Kavya in Hindi Poetry),(iv) Fundamentals of InterrogationTechniques (Published by Kalpaz Publications),(v) Koi to Roke Mahabharat(A Khand Kavya in Hindi,Published by Kalpaz Publications).,