ISBN 9788172680824,History of Hindu Medical Science

History of Hindu Medical Science


Logos Press



Logos Press

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788172680824

ISBN-10 8172680821


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)

Medical Sciences

Most of the sciences, which the presented century boasts of so much, were not unknown to the ancient Hindoos; and one has but to look into their writings to see whether the truths propounded by them some thousands of years ago do not still endure in their natural freshness.
Starting with early civilisation of the Hindoos, in this unique work, the author refers to ancient writers on Hindoo Medicine, the Hindoo theory of creation and principles of hygiene as understood by the Hindoos. The book also deals with theory of Indian Medicine, Indian Materia Medica, Hindoo writers on Aetiology- Diagnosis and Treatment, Indian Surgery as well as vicissitudes of Indian Medicine and Surgery.
The learned author comes to the conclusion that the Hindoo system of medicine can, on the whole, bear comparison with the Western. There are many things in which both agree, and if in certain points they seem to differ, they often differ only to agree in the end.