ISBN 9788121501637,History Of Indian Administration, Vol. III (Modern Period)

History Of Indian Administration, Vol. III (Modern Period)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1982

ISBN 9788121501637

ISBN-10 8121501636

Hard Back

Number of Pages 362 Pages
Language (English)


The importance of administration in the history of any country is significant. Its study helps in analysing the shocks received by the country from external aggressions and internal disorders in different periods of its past, and the way these were cushioned by the administrative machinery. The present work written from the above view-point is the first attempt at a comprehensive history of Indian Administrative organization from ancient, medieval and modern periods. Some historians have, no doubt, written on certain administrative subjects, confining their interests to specific periods and areas, or they have briefly touched administration as a part of the broader sweep. A few administrators have also treated the subject from their own angle. The author has successfully completed this monumental history of Indian Administration with the publication of this third volume. It is hoped that this volume also like, the earlier ones would cater to the needs of both the academicians and the administrators.