ISBN 9788131999110,Homeopathy And Mental Health Care

Homeopathy And Mental Health Care



B.Jain Publishing Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788131999110

ISBN-10 8131999114


Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)

Medical administration & management

Homeopathy and Mental Health Care This timely, compelling, and useful book offers a comprehensivelook at the integration of homeopathy and mental health care.Twenty-three leading healthcare professionals from around the worldunite in a diverse collection of provocative, grounded andvisionary, and clinically relevant chapters that offer the student,professional, and non-professional alike a clear and inspiringguide to the healing power and potential of homeopathy in mentalhealth care. Contributing authors: Hannah Albert, Philip Bailey,Iris Bell and Mary Koithan, Daniel Benor, Seema Bhat, ManishBhatia, Kate Chatfield and Joy Duxbury, Jane Tara Cicchetti, JaneFerris, Christopher Johannes, Corina Guethlin and Harald Walach,Petel Morrell, Joseph Rozencwajg, Kenneth Silvestri, Edward Shalts,Traian Stanciulescu, Ian Townsend, Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman andRobert Ullman and Harry van der Zee About Author: Christopher K Johannes, Harry Van Der Zee Harry Van Der Zee is a homeopathic doctor who has practiced inthe Netherlands for twenty years. He has taught at differentschools in the Netherlands and in many European countries as wellas the USA and Japan. He is well known in the UK as the editor ofHomoeopathic Links. He has investigated the importance of the birth experience inhomeopathic case-taking and published two books on the subject.Most recently Harry Van Der Zee has been involved in projects inAfrica to enhance the homeopathic treatment of AIDS and has editedand published Peter Chappells book The Second Similimum.