ISBN 9788184951066,Honor Yourself

Honor Yourself



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184951066

ISBN-10 818495106X


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


Life is rarely an either / or equation. In principle and in practice, life is full of contradiction - paradox. Honor Yourself skillfully guides us through one of the key paradoxes - and stressors - of our time: how to balance what others need with what we need, how to give and to receive. Should I sacrifice for others or give to myself? Be generous or draw boundaries? Stay in a relationship or say goodbye? Tensions like these are not only a natural part of life - they are life. While modern society is ill-equipped to bring us back into balance, the sages of East and West are experts, and Honor Yourself explores their practical, and surprising, advice. When you honor yourself, you are respecting, appreciating, and giving birth to your best self so that you can give creatively and abundantly in ways that honor others. We are called to master the delicate dance of giving and receiving in virtually every area of our lives. This beautiful work offers empowering and heartfelt ways to do it. It will free you to celebrate your own gifts and greatness as you explore the dynamics behind settling boundaries, giving with the heart rather than the head, using your feelings to stay true to yourself, and finding your own voice.

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