ISBN 9788176553193,Horrible Science: Chemical Chaos

Horrible Science: Chemical Chaos


Nick Arnold


Scholastic Books

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Scholastic Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788176553193

ISBN-10 8176553190


Language (English)

Graphic novels

Chemistry, it's the most horrible part of science. The part that's most likely to make you say 'UGH'. Chemistry can cause chaos in your brain. Even your teacher knows it but let's forget the fiendish formulas for now and take a look at the nasty bits you really want to know about the nasty bubbling green mixtures, the vile and poisonous potions, the horrible smells, bangs and blasts. Discover:

How the first chemists, Alchemists - really searched for the Philosopher's stone
What suspect substances lurk in your school dinner
The sickening stench of the world's worst stink bomb
Which cruel chemical gases killed soldiers in the war
How rotten reactions can blow you away?
Which awful acids will eat you alive?
Flash a formula, wave a test-tube, potions bubble, things go bang. It's not magic. You're not at Hogwarts. You've just read Chemical Chaos.