ISBN 9789381626108,Hot Tea Across India

Hot Tea Across India



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381626108

ISBN-10 9381626103


Number of Pages 195 Pages
Language (English)

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Combining travel and tea, Hot Tea Across India documents interesting incidents on the writer’s journeys across India, from the Himalayan region to Delhi and Mumbai. The author mostly travels on his Bullet where he can, and where he cannot, he sends his bike on to destinations where he can use it. He talks about the incidents where he lost his vehicle, and he was even compelled to sell it at one point. He had to bribe policemen and railway clerks to ensure that he could keep possession of his precious bike and take it everywhere with him.
A big part of the book is dedicated to his travel experiences while driving across the Himalayan region, including places like Ladakh and Kashmir, and also the 'Dhabas' and eateries along the way. He narrates his experiences in Raid-de-Himalayas, an annual off-road motor sport event.
Hot Tea Across India has tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the travails of travel in India, like the one about the ‘Luxarey’ bus that he travelled in, from Haridwar to Manali. He recounts his various experiences on the way, including the time when he was apprehended as a terrorist to hitching a ride on a truck from Mumbai to Delhi.
The linking factor in all these accounts is the author’s experience of drinking tea, wherever he went. Each place had its own unique tradition and specialties, and the author managed to locate a tea stall wherever he went, even in the remotest corner of the country.
The book also contains a description of Mehta’s memorable dining experiences and the various places that he stayed in. He describes the varied cuisines he tasted across the country, and also provides tips on how to find the best places to dine in. 
Hot Tea Across India is anecdotal and filled with interesting incidents. Hilarious and witty, this travelogue attempts to offer an insightful read.

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