ISBN 9788189995348,How the Firefly Got Its Light

How the Firefly Got Its Light


Mapin Publishing



Mapin Publishing

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788189995348

ISBN-10 8189995340


Number of Pages 36 Pages
Language (English)

Picture books

This is a story about a tiny firefly pondering over its insignificance and witnessing the gradual distancing between trees and humankind. She watched the ants carry away tiny pieces of spilled food and lead a disciplined life, while the busy bees were always at work. The Firefly felt she was the only one who was useless. One day, there was a forest fire and everybody helped put out the fire. The Firefly wanted to help too. She begged the Sun for some light. When it got dark, she let her light shine through the dark. Soon, the other fireflies joined her. Nobody was afraid of the dark anymore. The Firefly was finally happy. The illustrations are drawn in the Mithila (also Madhubani) style of painting from northeastern India. Giving equal weight in its drawings to people, animals, and plants, the illustrations conveys the values of the Mithila region. The unique decorativeness is beautiful and enjoyable.

About the Author:
Pradyumna Kumar is an artist, sculptor, and instructor of Madhubani art. He was awarded the prestigious 15th Noma Concours Award for Picture Book Illustrations in 2006. Urvashi Butalia is a writer, feminist and historian. She is Publisher, Zubaan Books.