ISBN 9788122314823,How Things Work

How Things Work


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788122314823

ISBN-10 8122314821

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Number of Pages 143 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

A press reporter asked Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of telephone, in his ripe old age, Sir, You have everything in your life now! If God grants you wish, what would you ask him?

Pointing to the telephone, he said, Pray him to remove this from the creation, under how Emperor Ashoka or Krishnadevaraya ruled their vast empires without a cell phone. How I lived my childhood days without electricity?

Color television pioneer, Zworykin replied when asked about his favorite thing in the television - The switch. The switch to turn the damn thing off. Probably, we now switch off the television just before sleep, giving a respite to channel surfing.

All those kitchen appliances have really liberated the women and they are able to invade into male bastion, in turn adding to the family wealth. World is now flat with telephones, cordless, or mobile. So, entwined our lives with an array of gadgets around us that we do not even think how they work or how they came about.

Now, when your small son asks, How things work, give him this book to know how they work, descriptions and designs, parts, tips and care, of course laced with a little science.

So here, we have almost all the domestic appliances. Pressure cookers, rice cookers, microwave and induction cookers along with other the kitchen utilities like stoves, solar or gas, wet and dry grinders, electric chimneys are described here. Communication gadgets like telephones, cordless or mobile along with those entertainment devices, like radio, television, CD, DVD players are here. We will know how water is pumped to your seventh floor apartment and purified and how you are even lifted up there. Domestic electricity, batteries, inverters are there of course along with comfort devices like fans, fridges, ACs, heaters and irons. We did not miss clocks, incandescent lights and tube lights to LEDs. Make yourself comfortable with 'How Things Work?'

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