ISBN 9780330444064,How to be Popular

How to be Popular


Meg Cabot



Pan Macmillan India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780330444064

ISBN-10 0330444069


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


Steph Landry, is the unpopular protagonist, of Cabot's novel. After becoming the inspiration to the expression, "Don't pull a Steph Landry", in the sixth grade, Steph learns to be content with just her best friend, Jason. When she enters the eleventh grade, Steph realizes she would enjoy her high school much more, if she was popular.

The plot pushes forward when Steph discovers a manual on reputation resuscitation, called How To Be Popular. She wastes no time in adopting some of the suggestions outlined in the book. For instance, she starts the school by flat ironing her hair, sitting with new people at lunch and even organizing an auction event. Much to Steph's amazement, her efforts begin to reap rewards, as her popularity level begins to rise. What she does not anticipate however, is the impact her newfound fame is having on her best friend or on her nemesis.

Meg Cabot's In How To Be Popular, has received many awards and accolades. It was on The New York Times Children's Chapter Books Best Seller List for nine weeks. It also graced the Best Seller lists of USA Today and Publishers Weekly. In 2007, the New York Public Library selected this novel as a "Book For The Teen Age".