ISBN 9788186112625,How to Become a Good Leader: Pathways to Perfection

How to Become a Good Leader: Pathways to Perfection


V.K. Saraf



Weston Woods Studios

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788186112625

ISBN-10 8186112626


Number of Pages 299 Pages
Language (English)


This volume emphasizes the importance of leadership, which should be professional, inspiring, and above all, innovative, especially in the sensitive area of 'protecting the law', i.e., by the police. The author feels that hardly any efforts have been made since Independence to inculcate, nurture and sustain professional leadership qualities in supervisory police forces. It was this shortcoming which motivated the author to undertake the writing of this book. The contents of this volume, How To Become A Good Leader are organised so as to present a complete, self-contained guide to develop all aspects of one's personality in order to achieve one's goals and objectives through effective leadership. Several useful and practical suggestions for self improvement (physically and psychologically) along with social behavioral norms have been provided. Also methods of taking the correct decisions both during emergencies and normal times have been described, with due emphasis on subordinate motivation. This book will prove to be a constantly inspiring guide, which would motivate one to develop and sustain the qualities of creative and action oriented leadership.