ISBN 9780276446658,How To Do Just About Anythinging

How To Do Just About Anythinging



Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780276446658

ISBN-10 0276446658

Hard Back

Language (English)

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Have you ever wondered whether you could master the jive, deliver a baby or reverse a caravan? Whether it?s an emergency or you have time to spare, you?ll be able to find the answer to virtually any query here.

And unlike advice you might find on the internet, these solutions are tried, tested and readily to hand when you need them. A fully illustrated A?Z section includes instructions on how to win an argument, trim a beard, keep cacti alive, impress on a date, use eBay, face-paint a child, deal with a gas leak, cure a hangover, protect your identity,

make jam, fly a kite, compose a limerick, win at Monopoly, paint your nails, open an oyster, park a car, get out of quicksand, read Roman numerals, prune shrubs, understand teenagers, repair an umbrella, digitise old videos, store wine, try the xylophone, learn yoga positions, repair a zip and much, much more. Dimension : 26 x 20.2 x 3.5