ISBN 9788176490900,How To Get A Good Degree

How To Get A Good Degree


Race P


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788176490900

ISBN-10 8176490903


Language (English)


This book is designed to help students who are aiming high. A good degree is a passport to a better life. It opens up more choice regarding career and employment. It brings you the possibility of better earnings. More than anything else, a good degree brings freedom to choose, to change direction, and to follow up interesting options. A good degree brings recognition and gets you to the top of shortlists. Even if you go on to get higher degrees, people will still look at whether your first degree was a good one or not. So how do you get a good degree? Is it all matter of luck? Is it hard work? In this book, you will find ways you can use to work systematically towards a good degree. There are no shortcuts regarding working hard, but there are shortcuts about making sure the hard work you do is the right hard work. Don't just read this book, however, do it! Have a go at each of the tasks in the book, and gain control of how you learn.