ISBN 9780273725565,How to Get Things Done Without Trying Too Hard

How to Get Things Done Without Trying Too Hard


Pearson Life



Pearson Life

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780273725565

ISBN-10 0273725564

Paper Back

Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Templar returns! The bestselling author of the internationally acclaimed, million-selling Rules books is back with this, the second of a brand new series of handy guides to life.

How to Get Things Done without Trying too Hard is the wise and witty antidote to procrastination, the definitive manual for getting more done and the best and simplest guide to finding time to do all those little things you know you need to do, but usually can't be bothered to.

We all know how easy it can be to put things off until tomorrow and we tell ourselves we just don't have time to do things straight away. But tomorrow never comes and slowly but surely all those little tasks and jobs you've been putting off all build up into a huge mountain to climb.

In a busy world where being time-poor is a popular complaint, it can be easy to convince ourselves that organising our CD collection or clearing out the garage, cleaning the oven, or shampooing the carpet is just not a good use of time and there are better, usually more exciting, things we could be doing. Time, it seems, is the one thing we always wish we had more of, but when we've got it, on the whole we use it badly.

With his inimitable blend of originality, wisdom, common sense and straight talking, Richard Templar will take you through 100 clever, cunningly simple and pain-free ways to help you get more things done and dusted with the minimum of time and effort.

Before you know it you'll be ticking things off your to-do list at record speed and feeling more organised, more in control and more able to enjoy that precious free time without the nagging feeling that you've still got things to do