ISBN 9781259058578,How To Invest Without Losing Sleep?

How To Invest Without Losing Sleep?



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781259058578

ISBN-10 1259058573


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Investments & Securities

Professionals in todays fast-paced environment work hard to attain financial independence, yet most go about doing it with little financial literacy. While managing personal funds is an inadvertent exercise performed by all, the question remains-how wisely is the money managed and invested? This book opens doors to simple, yet powerful, strategies that will change your approach to investing forever. You will learn how to achieve consistent investment return without losing sleep by understanding how to Set financial goals and figure out the types of investments required to achieve them. Prepare a Retirement Plan in Spreadsheet format by using step-by-step instructions and formulae. Recognize the difference between genuine investments and speculations in the financial markets. Discover great companies for stock investments and to create your own wait-lists. Value the stock of a company using Discounted Cash Flow - DCF analysis . Assess and decide on investing in gold and bonds written keeping non-finance professionals in mind, this book prepares you to develop your own edge for a lifetime of investing success, take charge of your finances and invest safely. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Why Invest? 2. Investment, Risk and Returns 3. First - Things - First 4. Traditional Asset Classes 5. Non - Traditional Asset Classes 6. Common Stock Investing 7. Finding Great Businesses Part - I 8. Finding Great Businesses Part - II 9. Stock Valuation 10. Margin of Safety 11. Angel Investing 12. Bond Investing 13. Dealing with the Chatterbox 14. Investing Psychology 15. Asset Allocation Decision 16. Investing Methods 17. Investing Ethics 18. Developing Your Own Edge End Notes Bibliography