ISBN 9780749462093,How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests

How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests


Mike Bryon


Kogan Page Ltd



Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780749462093

ISBN-10 0749462094

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Edition 4th
Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Employers want to fill their top management posts with candidates of the highest caliber, and their recruitment procedures often include a range of challenging psychometric tests. If you want to succeed, you need to prepare accordingly.

How to pass Graduate Psychometric Tests provides questions, advice and practice tests that are directly relevant to the tests used by employers to recruit managers and graduates. To enable you to build us speed, accuracy and confidence, it includes:

Over 500 practice questions
Study tips and winning test strategies
Ten full-length realistic practice
Answers, explanations and interpretations tests of your scores
A glossary of essential terms in
A glossary of key mathematical terms English usage and methods

The newly updated fourth edition also offers guidance on what to expect if you are invited to attend an assessment centre, with advice on how to excel in each activity - from role-plays discussions and presentations to interviews and written tests.

Table of Contents
Graduate psychometric tests
The challenge of open and fair recruitment
The maximum benefit of practice in ability tests
How much and what kind of practice?
Test-taking strategies
A summary of research findings
If you are invited to a graduate assessment centre
The group exercise or role play
Written exercises
The interview
If you suffer from a disability
If you face a graduate assessment many years after leaving college
Personality and attitudinal questionnaires
Personality questionnaires in which there is strictly speaking no right or wrong answer
Practice for personality questionnaires
Practice at 40 more personality questionnaire statements
Attitudinal questionnaires to which there is most definitely a wrong answer
Situational awareness tests
Great candidate expect for the maths!
A key skills diagnostic exercise
Glossary of key terms and methods
Sixty practice number problems
Five practice tests
Numerical test 1: Practice intermediate-level number problem test
Numerical test 2: Practice intermediate-level sequencing test
Numerical test 3: Intermediate data interpretation practice test
Numerical test 4: Practice intermediate-level data interpretation test
Numerical test 5: Advanced data interpretation practice test
English usage, reading comprehension and critical reasoning
If English is not your first language
If you suffer from a disability
English usage
One hundred and thirty-five practice questions
Five practice tests
Test 1: Practice test of English usage
Test 2: Practice intermediate-level critical reasoning test
Test 3: Practice intermediate-level critical reasoning test
Test 4: Practice advanced-level reading comprehension and critical reasoning test
Test 5: Practice advanced-level reading comprehension and critical reasoning test
Answers and many explanations
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4