ISBN 9788129119186,How To Read A Person Like A Book

How To Read A Person Like A Book


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Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129119186

ISBN-10 8129119188


Number of Pages 118 Pages
Language (English)

Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and within minutes-without a word being said-having the ability to tell what that person is thinking. Magic Not quite. Whether people are aware of it or not, their body movements clearly express their attitudes and motives. These simple gestures, which most of us don't even notice, con communicate key information that is invaluable in a range of situations. How to Read a Person Like a Book is designed to teach you how to interpret and respond to the nonverbal signals of business associates, friends, loved ones, and even strangers. Best-selling authors Gerard Nierenberg, Henry Calera, and Gabriel Grayson have collaborated to put their working knowledge of body language into this practical guide to recognizing, understanding, and using non-verbal communication. With How to Read a Person Like a Book, you will learn: When someone has lost interest in what you are saying. How to put people at ease by mirroring their gestures. Why your body language can make or break a deal. How to tell if someone is not being truthful. When to push forward or back off during a negotiation. How to identify an aggressive or submissive handshake. Whether in an office, on a date, or on a family outing, the simple technique of reading body language is a unique skill that offers real and important benefits. About the Author Gerard I. Nferenberg, a successful lawyer, pioneered the idea of the "everybody wins" philosophy now usually referred to as "win-win"which ensures that oil parties benefit from the negotiation. Nierenberg has written twenty best-selling books, including The New Art of Negotiating, and is founder of The Negotiation Institute, which offers training to professionals around the world. Henry H. Calera has been writing about communication and negotiation for over thirty years. A consultant and writer for professional, academic, and technical publications, he is also the author of The Power of Nonverbal Communication and co-author of Nierenberg's The New Aria! Negotiating. Gabriel Grayson is the chairperson of the Department of Sign Language at New School University in New York City, and is a principal court-appointed sign language interpreter for the NYC judicial system. Grayson is also the best-selling author of Talking With Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes.