ISBN 9788184957112,How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends

How To Start A Conversation And Make Friends


Don Gabor



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788184957112

ISBN-10 8184957114


Number of Pages 132 Pages
Language (English)

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Tune and talk to anyone, anywhere.
Communicate with wit and confidence.
Identify your style!
Do you become tongue-tied and timid in company?
Are you shy at parties?
Do you find it hard to speak up at meetings?
How can you make new friends?

This entertaining and easy to read book shows you how to master the art of conversation. The author tells you how to approach other people, the right questions to ask, how to keep a conversation going and how much you should reveal about yourself.

He discusses the problems you may face, how to convey your ideas to others, the way to develop wit and confidence and how to close a conversation naturally. His advice will help you create friendships and make you more self assured and relaxed with people.

How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends is an invaluable handbook for every kind of situation - whether business or social.