ISBN 9788179291887,How To Test Your IQ

How To Test Your IQ


Ken Russel


Infinity Books



Infinity Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788179291887

ISBN-10 817929188X


Number of Pages 156 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

HOW TO TEST YOUR IQ You Could be Smarter and Sharper Than You Think! It is not incorect to consider yourself more intelligent than you feel. In reality most of us are more intelligent! Yuo may not be the most intelligent person but there is nothing wrong in finding out more about your IQ factor. Understanding your IQ factor would help you understand your strenghts and weaknesses. This book caontains time-bound tests containing over 375 questions which help you test and evaluate your performance at your own convenience. About Author : Ken Russell is a London surveyor and is Puzzle Editor of the British Mensa Magazine, a magazine which is sent to tits 40,000 British members monthly. Philip Carter is a JP and an Estimator from Yorkshire. He is Puzzle Editor of Enigmasing, the monthly newsletter of the Mensa Puzzle Special Interests group.

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