ISBN 9780761993506,HRD Audit : Evaluating the Human Resource Function for Business Improvement

HRD Audit : Evaluating the Human Resource Function for Business Improvement


T V Rao


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780761993506

ISBN-10 0761993509


Number of Pages 344 Pages
Language (English)


This path-breaking book provides a balanced and comprehensive exposition of the concept of HRD audit and the tools and techniques required for its implementation. Dr T V Rao provides both the framework and a detailed methodology of HRD audit so as to enable corporations to conduct an internal audit of their HR functions themselves. A unique feature of the book is the HRD Score Card which has been developed and tested by Dr Rao. This Score Card can be used to assess and benchmark the maturity level of the HRD function in organisations and make it more business-driven. It assigns a four-letter rating to grade four critical dimensions of HRD which contribute vitally to organisational performance: HRD systems maturity, HRD competencies, HRD culture and values, and HRD linkages to business goals. Table of Contents Preface I. INTRODUCTION: Good HR Practices Can Make a Difference Elements of Good HRD: Need for Realigning HRD HRD Audit: Basic Concepts and Components II. HRD AND HR AUDIT: HRD Strategies HRD Styles and Culture HRD Structures HRD Systems HRD Competencies III. HRD AUDIT METHODOLOGY AND ISSUES: HRD Audit Methodology: Interviews HRD Audit Methodology: Observation HRD Audit Instruments: Questionnaires HRD Score Card Writing the HRD Audit Report Designing and Using HRD Audit for Business Improvement IV. HRD AUDIT?THE INDIAN EXPERIENCE: Case Studies Effectiveness of HRD Audit as an Intervention References Index