ISBN 9788132104629,Human Rights in a Globalised World : An Indian Diary

Human Rights in a Globalised World : An Indian Diary


Mukul Sharma


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104629

ISBN-10 8132104625


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


The human rights question becomes pertinent in the contemporary situation of political re-configuration, terror?counter terror scenario, economic globalisation and consequent inequality and marginalisation. The book deals with the diverse issues of civil, political, economic and social rights emerging in India, China, South Asia and expatiates on the emergence of the regional human rights mechanism in South Asia, Africa and the Americas. The book analyses the rising impact of the ?non-state? actor on human rights, while the interface of threat and opportunity between business and human rights is increasing. India, China and Brazil are emerging as global players, forging new political and economic alliances with nations from Asia, Africa and Latin America, but their allegiance to human rights standards remains unclear and erratic. Amidst the constant evolution of the human rights agenda, the book focuses on the human rights defenders in India and South Asia, and captures the current human rights situation in India, a mix of progress and regression, gains and losses. It captures this complexity with a positive but cautious note. Table of Contents Introduction I: HUMAN RIGHTS IN TIMES OF TERROR Counter Terror with Justice Victims of Terrorism In Cold Blood: Abuses by Armed Groups How Not to Fight Terrorism Guant?namo Bay: A Legal Black Hole Europe and Counter-terrorism 50 Years of a Law Laws without Justice: In the Name of Public Security II: EVERYDAY LIFE OF HUMAN RIGHTS A World without Torture Addressing the Issue of Enforced Disappearances Persecution and Resistance: Experiences of Rights Defenders A Trail of Violence: Rights Activists at Risk The Right to a Fair Trial and Binayak Sen Wandhama Massacre: Justice Unfinished Death and Democracy Land Development and Displacement in Delhi III: BUSINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS Conscience of the Company Corporate Complicity and Gujarat IV: ASIA/AFRICA Bangladesh: Faces of Emergency and Human Rights Issues The Road to Al-Qa?ida Starts in Pakistan Legacy of the Beijing Olympics: China?s Choice Myanmar Diary: Rhetoric and Reality of Indian Democracy Nepal: How to Seek ?Truth? in Truth Commissions? Use and Abuse of Africa in India Naagbanton, Binayak Sen and Kampala Declaration V: CHALLENGES OF HUMAN RIGHTS Dalit Rights: Social Inclusion or Social Justice? Forest Rights: Cost of Action and Inaction Minority Rights: Freedom of Conscience and Religion Right to Work and Rights at Work Migrant Rights: Mobility with Dignity Migration: A Silent Revolution and a Crisis Immigrants? Rights under Economic Crisis Labour and Health Rights: Mines of Misery in Rajasthan Panchayats: The Making of Peoples? Power and Right to Vote The Social Forum Phenomenon: Peoples? Experiments in Politics VI: NEW PATHS OF HUMAN RIGHTS India, Brazil, South Africa: Human Rights Footprint South Asia: Towards a Human and Peoples? Rights Agenda Towards A Millennium Movement Agenda for Food Rights Arms Trade Treaty and India References Index