ISBN 9788182052840,Human Rights of Minority And Women's, Vol. 4

Human Rights of Minority And Women's, Vol. 4


Indrani Sen


Isha Books



Isha Books

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788182052840

ISBN-10 818205284X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 303 Pages
Language (English)

Human & civil rights

This book describes the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women and provides an overview on varied issues that need to the considered in respect to women's human rights. It emphasises the gaps between the women's agenda and human rights agenda, and argues that a music of the human rights tool is important and should become a priority women and human rights organizations. It identifies the emergence of various trends threatening the advance of gender equality, women's human rights and sustainable human development. The publication of great use to administrators, academicians, researchers, political elite, voluntary organizations, social workers and all who are interested in women development and empowerment. The realization of women's rights is a global struggle based on universal human rights and the rule of law. It requires all of us to unite in solidarity to end traditions, practices, and laws that harm women. It is a fight for freedom to be fully and completely human and equal without apology or permission. Ultimately, the struggle for women's human rights must be about making women's lives matter everywhere all the time. Vol. 1 : Reinventing Women's Right Vol. 2 : Transgender Human Rights Vol. 3 : Women and Human Rights Development Vol. 4 : Human Rights and Sexual Minorities