ISBN 9788126906628,Human Rights ( Vol. 4 )

Human Rights ( Vol. 4 )


U. N. Gupta






Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788126906628

ISBN-10 8126906626


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

Human rights

life alongwith personal, social and economic freedoms. Thus, people need to be made aware of the Human Rights, newly recognized status, rights and remedies available to them under international law and social polity. Correspondingly, the States are also under new obligations to make human rights real proposition through definitions and enforcement. This book is intended to give the source material on the wide-ranging Human Rights comprising of Conventions, Treaties or Resolutions of UNO among others. Now there is a viable regime of human rights in a distinguishable form. The book makes an in-depth presentation of Human Rights, spread in wide ranging twenty-one sections:
Those that are directly under international law or UNO sanction, viz. the International Bills on Human Rights, the Right of Self-determination and Proactive Humanitarian Law through World Conference and Millennium Assembly, Environment Protection, Protection of Human Rights through International Human Rights Commission.
Those that operate through States, viz. Protective Treatment of Indigenous People, Minorities, Women, Family, Marriage, Children, Older Persons, Persons under Disability, Labour Welfare, Freedom from Slavery, Humane Treatment of Aliens or Prisoners, Traffic in Human Beings, Freedom of Association.
Human Rights that give or deny Status to Individuals, viz. Nationality, Statelessness, Asylum and Refugees, Migrants, including processes for Justice against Arbitrariness, Denial of Human Rights or Discrimination, Extradition and Surrender of Fugitives.
Wars cause catastrophe for Human Rights. This book presents Documents and Conventions on War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and International Criminal Court.
All the elemental principles emanating from the various Documents on Human Rights incorporated in this book have been summarized in the "Introduction" for the convenience of the readers.

About Author:
U.N. Gupta, LL.M., D.Phil., has been Vice Chancellor of the Allahabad University. Earlier, he was Professor of Law, Head of Law Department and Dean of Law Faculty in the Allahabad University. Specialized in Constitutional Law and Public International Law, he has authored five books: (i) Constitutional Protection of Personal Liberty in India, 1969; (ii) Developments on the Frontiers of International Law, 1981; (iii) Indian Federalism and Unity of Nation, 1986; (iv) Indian Parliamentary Democracy, 2003; and (v) The Human Rights: Conventions and Indian Law, 2004. In addition, he has to his credit publication of scores of research papers.