ISBN 9780061718571,I Che Guevara : A Novel

I Che Guevara : A Novel


Harper Collins

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Harper Collins

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780061718571

ISBN-10 0061718572


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


to finish the revolution.

When a strange man appears in rural towns around Cuba quietly advocating a new kind of politics he calls "the True Republic," old-timers begin to suspect that the elderly stranger, who calls himself Ernesto Blanco, may actually be the martyr Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Shortly after Blanco's appearance, Fidel Castro steps down from power in exchange for a commitment from the United States to recognize Cuba and lift the crippling embargo. Two traditional parties quickly form: one is a successor to the Communist Party and the other is composed of U.S. and Mafia-backed Cuban exiles. As the True Republic movement spreads like wildfire throughout Cuba, each faction devises a plot to get rid of Ernesto Blanco--by assassination if necessary.

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