ISBN 9781107607392,I Did It Mathematics Class 6

I Did It Mathematics Class 6





Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107607392

ISBN-10 1107607396

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Language (English)

Applied mathematics

I Did It Mathematics Class 6 Nepal Edition by Sudha Mahesh is an interactive, activity-based textbook on mathematics and has been written in conformance with the Ncert syllabus and the National Curriculum Framework. The book explains the mathematical concepts in a comprehensive and logical manner with simplicity and high clarity. The book motivates the students to think, discuss and assemble concepts and ideas on mathematics, with great ease.

The book has presented in a simple and lucid manner various concepts and is accompanied by a large number of illustrations which help to grasp all the concepts very easily. The book has in-text activities which help the students in relating various mathematical concepts to their daily lives. The chapter overviews facilitate the teachers to develop detailed lesson plans. There is a section called 'Vocabulary Learnt' which helps the students to grasp the mathematical terms used in the book. A feature called 'Word Attack' helps in building skills for application of mathematics in the daily lives and the section 'Maths Lab Activities' is a recap session to test the concepts learnt in each chapter. These elements make the book an excellent read. There are Sample Test Papers to check the level of understanding of the concepts learnt and Revision Exercises for an additional practice at the end of every chapter.

The book begins with an Overview followed by the Features of CCE in the Textbook and a Preface. It has six units and 14 chapters. Unit I deals with the Number System, Unit II with Algebra, Unit III with Geometry, Unit IV with Mensuration, Unit V with Comparing Quantities and the final unit deals with Concepts of Data Handling. The last section of the book contains the answers to selected exercises.

I Did It Mathematics Class 6 Nepal Edition is available in paperback. The book is recommended for the students of class 6 who want to master the mathematical concepts.