ISBN 9780099303718,I'Ll Be Seeing You

I'Ll Be Seeing You


Arrow Books Ltd



Arrow Books Ltd

Publication Year 1994

ISBN 9780099303718

ISBN-10 009930371X


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

ELT literature & fiction readers

Who Do You Think You'Re Kidding?: Parenting In The New Age Of Digital Revolution And Globalization Is A New Age Guide About Parenting In A Globalized And Technologically Advanced World. It Is A Must Read For Parents Wishing To Prepare Their Children For The Future In The 21St Century. Summary Of The Book Being A Child In The 21St Century Is Certainly Not A Piece Of Cake. There Is Tough Competition In Store For A Kid In All Spheres Of Life, Especially In The Academic Field. Born In A Time When Information Is Available At The Click Of A Button And So Are Various Distractions Detrimental To A Child'S Growth, Bringing Up A Child Is Truly A Daunting Task For The Parents Of Today. Unlike Days Gone By, Kids Of Today Are Seen Cooped Up Inside Their Bedrooms Glued To Their Laptops, Tablets Or Mobile Phones Instead Of Playing Outside With Other Kids In The Neighbourhood. The Book Attempts To Guide Parents In Raising A Well-Rounded And Happy Child Amidst All The New Challenges Thrown Up With The Turn Of The Century. The Author, In Her Book, Who Do You Think You'Re Kidding?: Parenting In The New Age Of Digital Revolution And Globalization, Shows The Reader How To Prepare A Child For A Cut-Throat Competitive World By Helping Them Choose Their Field Of Study. She Also Stresses On Shifting Focus From The Traditional By-Rote Studying To Newer And Creative Methods Of Education. The Book Also Shares A Few Tips With Parents On How To Deal With Their Child'S Adolescent Years. The Book Guides New Age Parents In Dealing With Their Children'S Exposure To Technology, Consumerism And The Bombarding Of Information From Various Sources In Today'S Fast Paced World. It Also Talks About The Sensitive Issue Of Gender Stereotyping And Its Adverse Effects On A Child. Furthermore, The Author Stresses On The Different Parenting Styles, The Messages That Children Perceive From Their Parents And Their Influence On Them In The Future. Who Do You Think You'Re Kidding?: Parenting In The New Age Of Digital Revolution And Globalization Is A Book That Is Backed By The Author'S Experiences And Years Of Research. It Promises To Help Parents Guide Their Children On The Right Path. About Lina Ashar Lina Ashar Is An Author, Educationalist And A Global Pioneer In The Field Of Children'S Education. Ashar Is A Holder Of A Bachelor'S Degree In Education From Victoria College, Melbourne. She Has Actively Participated In Various Government Projects For The Improvement Of Education In India. Her Views Are Sought After By Various Publications On The Subject Of Innovative Education. She Was Named As One Of The "Top 50 Leaders Who Have Redefined Indian Education" By Education World In 2008 And Was Awarded The "Lifetime Achievement Award For Educational Excellence" By The Indian Economic Development & Research Association In 2009. She Currently Serves As The Chairperson Of Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (Kkel).