ISBN 9789382025214,I Love an Angel

I Love an Angel



Pigeon Books India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382025214

ISBN-10 9382025219

Paper Back

Number of Pages 265 Pages
Language (English)


Most of us had crushes on our teacher; but what happens when a student considers his teacher as the LOVE OF A LIFETIME. Tushar, a guy who considered his teacher everything. Would his love construct his life in the most positive way ever? Or would it destroy everything that he had?Its just Infatuation and attraction, say his classmates.Its Impossible, Forget her and move on, says his best buddy. What will Tushar do now? Will he be able to bring her in his life or would his love remain as an unattainable yet most important aspect of his life? Can the boundaries of age, profession and relations be imposed over love? Will tushar's never ending love compel her to love him back forgetting the student teacher relationship''. Journey full of madness, immense love and affection and unexpectations...

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