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Collins Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781609946760

ISBN-10 1609946766


Number of Pages 105 Pages
Language (English)


I Moved Your Cheese: For Those Who Refuse To Live As Mice In Someone Else’s Maze offers the readers with an answer to Who Moved My Cheese?, which is a bestseller business fable by Spencer Johnson. Who Moved My Cheese? told its readers that change is inevitable, insisting that an individual should either adapt or remain stuck where they are. The catch is that no individual has been able to achieve success by just adapting to change. Malhotra tells the readers that this kind of thinking is not only incomplete, but also dangerous.

He believes that telling individuals to embrace their limitations and survive the best way possible, in the maze of life’s implicit anticipations, doesn’t deal with how a maze may prove a roadblock itself. Malhotra tells the readers an inspiring story about three mice, Big, Zed, and Max, who are highly adventurous and unique. They refuse to accept what life offers them. Through this story, Malhotra helps the readers to understand that they shouldn’t just chase after the cheese blindly, but reconfigure the maze or escape it, as every individual has the ability to do so.

Many individuals undermine their ability to shape their destiny and rise above the constraints they face or believe they face. This book comprises of questions for those who are a part of large business organizations and can deal with questions pertaining to business policies and strategies, and resolving problems. I Moved Your Cheese: For Those Who Refuse To Live As Mice In Someone Else’s Maze tells the readers that it is very important for them to discard the mindset that they’re just mice stuck in someone else’s maze, reiterating that they’re able to make new circumstances and realities they desire.

About Deepak Malhotra

Deepak Malhotra is an author.

Apart from this book, Malhotra has written Negotiation Genius: How To Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond and How to Negotiate with VCs.

Malhotra currently holds the position of the Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration in the Negotiations, Organizations and Markets department at the Harvard Business School. He currently teaches Negotiation to MBA students and several other executive programs. He has been presented with several awards for his teaching, which include the HBS Faculty Award, the Charles M. Williams Award, and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution’s Outstanding Book Award. Malhotra’s main areas of research interest include Trust Development, Competitive Escalation, and Negotiation Strategy.