ISBN 9780670090747,I Too Had a Love Story - 10th anniversary edition

I Too Had a Love Story - 10th anniversary edition


Penguin India

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Penguin India

Publication Year 2018

ISBN 9780670090747

ISBN-10 0670090743


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

Much like world history is divided into two halves BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini), my life is also divided into two halves - one before the arrival of this novel, I Too Had a Love Story and one after that. The guy who was once known in his circle for writing software programmes is now known, and by many more, for writing love stories. The latter has become my identity and the former, well, irrelevant now.
Currently, I am at my desk, writing this note to you, my reader, trying to put my thoughts into words. It is an overwhelming feeling to think that my debut novel is on the verge of stepping into its tenth successful year! Therefore, here I am, reflecting on my journey so far as a storyteller. I am also wondering if it is possible to squeeze ten years into this one note. Well, I’ll try and you can tell me how successful my attempt has been.
It all began late afternoon in the year 2007. It had been three months since Khushi, the first love of my life, had left this world and I was not done with my ritual of crying myself to sleep at night. Every! Single! Night! ‘This can’t go on forever,’ I told myself that afternoon, fearing the arrival of the night. ‘You can’t keep breaking down like this. This has to stop.’
I was twenty-five years old then. Desperate to put an end to the misery I was going through day in and day out, I wanted to get the old me back. I thought of ways in which I could do so. And among all, to write my love story, appealed to me the most.